Hello, World

Dec 08, 2019 00:25
Jan 17, 2021 22:31
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Hello, world, indeed! I’m giving this blog thing another go. This time around I’m attempting it as an offshoot of my domain Sunrunning rather than as the main course. I am a very inconsistent and slow blogger, so perhaps having this as a little side project will work better for me.

A Mission Statement of Sorts

I don’t have particularly lofty goals in any area of my life, and that includes blogging. I intend to use this blog as a catch-all for things I want to say or share that don’t have a place on my homepage. Sunrunning isn’t online yet either, but when (or if) I finally get around to creating something I’m amenable to having online there, it will feature various creative projects I’ve worked on. This blog, then, will really be a scrapbook for things I’m working on, things that are maybe kind of small, articles on topics that are of interest to me, so on and so forth.

As for why anyone would want to read, that I can’t answer for.

Building the Blog

I still have some work to do on designing this creature, so I’m using this very exemplary hello-world post as a sort of to-do list and a record of how I’ve set this blog up. I’ve tried fairly heavyweight blogging tools in the past, which are really overkill for what I want to do (on the other hand, I’ve been doing websites since the 90s and my first blog was literally creating a new static HTML file, manually, for every single entry); and being a masochist I decided to spend a weekend doing things I already do at work to go a different direction. So let me sort of talk about the lay of the land here.

Tools, Plug-ins, and So Forth

I decided to go with a static-page generator on this attempt, to capture the ease of a blogging tool but preserving the pared-down essentials & performance gains of a static website. At the moment this is a very basic setup in Gatsby following the tutorial pretty much without deviation. I have no wisdom to add; it’s a very straight-forward and easy-to-follow tutorial for any of those interested in setting up their own simple, static-page blog.

Other more general tools I’ll be posting on my main website.


There’s still some work to be done before this humble blog can be considered “ready”. For now it’s still just another WIP on my never-ending stack of WIPs.

  • Setup Gatsby and all plugins required to have a generic blog
  • Create the layout
  • Muck about with graphics for a bit (maybe)
  • Improve layout to be responsive & cleaner overall on mobile
  • Add layout support for entry photos
  • Add category and/or tagging system (following this tutorial with a little help from this tutorial)
  • Add commenting/discussion ability

And That’s About It

I can’t think of what else to include on this hello-world post, so I’ll leave you all here.

Comments have not yet been enabled on this blog. For now please email me at leigh.leigh at protonmail.com